Meet our Team

The People behind Agrifresh Solutions

we have a highly dedicated and motivated team driven by the desire to carefully continue to identify and engage new proffesionals who are driven by our vision and ready to serve as per our mission .


Mr. Victor William Jape

Is an agricultural economist currently serving as the Director of Finance and Business Operations. In this role, he oversees the daily operations of the company, fosters strategic partnerships, and drives business growth. He holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management from Copenhagen University, Denmark, and brings extensive experience in linkages and networking, as well as research and development.


Mr. Reginald Romano Mpolo

Is an accomplished Agribusiness Development Specialist currently serving as the Director of Marketing and Business Development. In this role, he is responsible for strategic market and business development, agri-value chain management, as well as client engagement and retention. Reginald holds a BSc in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania. Additionally, he is certified as an expert in Project Management from Cornell University in the United States of America .With extensive experience in out-growers management, public relations and marketing, strategic business, and private sector development, Reginald is a strong liaison between our company and clients.


Mr. Conrad Isack Mhonda

Agriculture  specialist serving  as Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Field Operations responsible for ensuring quality and value-for-money of all our agronomic and veterinary services and solutions. He holds a Diploma in Agriculture General  with practical experience in providing quality farm management services tailored to agronomical and animal husbandry  services to small, medium and large scale farmers.

Leading the Way in Agriculture and Livestock

With years of experience and a passion for farming,Agrifresh Solutions leads the industry in agriculture and livestock solutions.